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Bailes de Jose Philippine Dance Troupe was established in 1967 by Jose E. Bulatao, Jr.  Bailes de Jose is a volunteer performing arts dance troupe focuses on promoting the Philippine American culture  of Kauai, Hawaii.

Nearly 50 years of performing arts Filipino dance on the Garden Island of Kauai. We are the oldest Filipino dance troupe on Kauai, established in 1967 and going strong today!

Our Filipino dance Troupe is performance ready depending on the availability of our volunteer dancers, we perform at weddings, parties of all kinds, reunions, graduations, holiday gatherings and more!

Philippine Dance History

Miss Kauai Filipina 2016 Sinkil CostumesThe Philippines is a wonderland of folk dances.

There are hundreds of indigenous dances of perhaps as varied origins, influences and styles as can be found anywhere on Mother Earth.

Despinte the tremendous influence of other nations on the cultural heritage of the Philippines, the Filipino & Filipina have indubitably retained their individuality through the years by preserving their primitive dance expressions, their music, drama and architecture, their literature, arts, crafts and costumes.

Our Philippine Dance Founder

Filipino Bailes de Jose Philippine Dance Troupe of Kauai Hawaii

Mr. Jose E. Bulatao, Jr., Director & Choreographer, is the son of the late Jose E. Bulatao Sr., and his wife Guadalupe of Kekaha. He received his Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Hawaii.

After his fifth year certification, Mr. Bulatao returned to Kauai. He was a language-arts teacher at Waimea High School.


Mr. Bulatao’s interest in folk-dancing was inspired and developed by his mother, Guadalupe, Kauai’s fashion designer, who has instilled a deep appreciation of the Philippine culture in her children.


In 1967 Filipino Dance Group formed in response to the Kauai Community Council on Culture and the Arts, their goal was to present a profile of the Philippines as expressed through the medium of performing arts dance.

A deliberate attempt was made to cross the race lines because it was felt that dance is indeed international in scope.

Philippine Dance Performances


For nearly 50 years we have been expressing the cultural heritage of the Philippines through dance, striving to meet our audiences whimsy and to fulfill their fantasy with our commitment to provide entertainment within our genre of Filipino folk dance capabilities.


People interested in requesting a dance performance, expressing the culture of the Philippines, have typcially began by contacting us to check whether our repertoire meets their needs.

This initial contact was also an appropriate time for us to discuss the basic concerns we have to establish clarity and arrangements on the date and time of the performance; Information on the performance area and the technical support available; Amenities such as dressing room accommodations in proximity to the performance area.

Philippine Dance Repertoire

Filipino Bailes de Jose Philippine Dance Troupe of Kauai Hawaii

We have been able to present representative dances from the following major suites:


A) The primitive tribal dances from the northern region of islands of the Philippines. Did you know that htere are around 7028 islands?

B) Dances which reflect Spanish influences upon the cultural diversity of the “Pearl of the Orient”.

C) The diversity of regional variations, with emphasis on the provincial, rural-lifestyles of country-side villages throughout the Philippines;

D) The exotic nuances of the moro tribes of the southern portion of the Philippine archipelago.

Philippine & Hawaiian Dance

Filipino Bailes de Jose Philippine Dance Troupe of Kauai Hawaii

Along with these Philippine dances, it has been possible for us to interweave the presentation of beloved melodies and folk songs, as well as, influences and diversities interwoven into the tapestry of Hawaii’s multi-ethnic cultural scenario, here where the essence of Aloha Spirit prevails.

It has been possible for our dance troupe to invite other exponents who have been recognized for their expertise in cultural presentations to be a part of our program presentations over the years.

Filipino Bailes de Jose performance and cultural group based in Kauai, Hawaii, USA. Includes history, repertoire, image galleries and contact details.


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